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:: Thursday, March 04, 2004 ::

:: Justin 10:14 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 ::

I've decided that when I finally start college sometime next year, I'm going to study Psychology, inspired by a personal hero of mine, Nathaniel Branden. Since deciding that, I've become aware of a school of Psychology called Rational Emotive Based Therapy, which is fairly cool.
I've also been discussing with some people whether therapy could in and of itself have value for people, and have been encountering a lot of contrary opinion. I will share my thoughts when I'm less tired, but everyone just chime in on what they think now ^^
:: Justin 11:14 PM [+] ::

Hey everyone! I HAVE RETURNED.
I intend to try and resume writing semi-interesting things for the peoples who used to read my blog.
My first topic: this Wired article from a while back.
The implications of opening up the land underneath cities for development is vast, and could make city-dwelling much more affordable...but I've got to wonder how actually feasible it is, and whether government regulation and short-sighted real-estate owners might keep that from coming to fruition.
What does everyone else think?
:: Justin 11:11 PM [+] ::

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