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:: Saturday, July 26, 2003 ::

Stop this Process, Win a Prize*

A moral idea is born in the mind of a genius.
This idea contains much truth.
However, like the ideas before it, and after, having been born in the minds of fallible humans, it only contains an approximation of the truth.
The idea gains adherents.
The adherents collasce around the genius; its superiority to previous ideas creates a sense of superiority among the adherents. This sense of moral superiority makes interactions outside the circle of ideologues difficult; if one knows The Truth, interacting deeply with those who don't seems as plausible as discussing politics with a baby; the baby just doesn't have the prequisite knowledge to keep up.
An anti-critical culture develops; owing to many things: the sense of moral superiority fills the adherents with a sense of having found the Truth so profoundly that those who attack this Truth must be immoral idiots; a fear of going against the mainstream of the group and losing all of one's ideological friends; a fear of falling into a moral abyss if one rejects one's Truth and all the "Certainity" it brings; etc.
An ideology is born.

*That prize either being a million dollars or praise from me on this website.
:: Justin 5:04 PM [+] ::

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